Clear Yer Head

Holy jeez, it’s been almost a month!
With the school musical (Lil Abner, woop woop!), Chemistry, and all that jazz, I’ve been on the receiving end of a few Mike Tysons. And my homework load isn’t exactly light.

As a high school student, I’m pretty familiar with the concept of stress. Like many of you (Or any of you, there’s little-to-no-traffic here, ’cause like, lowkey student site/blog/project), stress is basically a part of my schedule. Stress, in my day, comes strictly after my alarm goes off and right before the existential angst sets in (Okay, not really, but shhh). I think of stress as a big ol’ bulldozer that’s just parked directly outside my house, preparing to demolish all I hold dear for, oh, I don’t know, a bypass of sorts.

The are, however, ways that I’m able to throw that stress in the garbage. I don’t know what sort of junk you deal with on a daily basis, but I figured I could bestow upon thy mortal being a few different things I do that dump that rubbish in the can.

1. Music

The first thing that I do when I have a pile of papers to do or an essay to write is pop in my earbuds and crank up my playlist. It includes, but is not limited to, the following:

The entire discography of Homestuck (Yeah, I’m a nerd. Deal with it.)

Music of the Final Fantasy VII Series (SOOO GOOD)

The DOOM 2016 Soundtrack (They did metal right!)

Tears for Fears – Songs from the Big Chair (What needs to be said about them? They’re fantastic.)

Starbomb (What’s better than rapping and video games? Rapping about video games!)

And a host of others.

Music sets a pace at which I can work. Stress doesn’t matter when you have “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” on repeat.

2. Doodling

I’m a pretty terrible artist. That’s no secret. But when I ignore my inherent inability to draw, doodling on the back of my homework can throw trash bags of stress out the window.

When you doodle, don’t focus on details. Let your head spill out onto the paper. Draw something you love. Sketch out some logos from memory, see how close you got, then try again. See how tall you can make Cloud Strife’s hair before it looks like he’s about to lose his balance entirely. Draw out the things you’re afraid of. Make them look hilarious. But whatever you do, don’t criticize yourself afterward for scratched-out faces or misshapen hands (Because we all know how hard it is to draw hands).

Just shut off your brain entirely for five or ten minutes. If you can truly log off for a while to doodle, your stress should give you a break for a bit.

3. Play with your dog (Or inferior pet)

An easy way to stop giving attention to your stress is to give it to your best friend instead. My little teacup poodle is basically a worry sponge. Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed, I watch my doggo run around and roll on the carpet for a bit. Seeing him without a care in the world makes me think, Huh. I live in the same messed-up world as this little animal, yet he doesn’t have a care. Why should I?

Then I remember that animals don’t have rational thought. But THAT’S BESIDES THE POINT.

Playing with the pood is a really good way to release that pent-up pain. Unless you hate animals or your dog is a jerk (HE’S JUST MISUNDERSTOOD! Give him a chance).


‘Nuff said. Don’t do the weird stuff. It’s a very  weird. Check out someone like ASMR Zeitgeist or Jojo’s ASMR. And don’t forget headphones!

5. Video games

This is only effective if you’ve been studying/writing/homeworking for hours. Don’t get distracted when you’re right in the middle of a thought or are just starting your work.

When you pick out a game, don’t choose something fast-paced or violent (Even though I loves me some DOOM). Play something relaxing, with nice, calm music and chillax vibes. I’d recommend Stardew Valley, for relaxation and just for fun! It’s so well made, with a billion different things to do and a soundtrack that’ll start ya falling asleep. Another fantastic game to play is Slime Rancher, because of its laid-back tone and cartoonish environment. There are so may good options for stress-relieving games. Just try not to lose track of time and snap out of your trance at 3 AM to use the restroom. That’s a bad.

6. Get sleep

It’s always better to work early in the morning than it is to slave away till midnight. If an assignment is due the next day, it’s already 10 o’clocc, and you can barely keep your eyes open, then you should go to bed and find the willpower to wake up early and get it done. Your body is always going to function better when it’s fresh out of bed.


Stress is hard to escape. Everyone knows it, yet few have succeeded in living without unnecessary pressure. The six things I talked about may not be applicable to everyone (Since it’s coming from a teenage nerd), but I hope you could find something that could help you out.

Have a fantastic day.

From the desk of your most humble and obedient servant, ShurikenKat. Git good or git outta my Christian server.


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